Will Your Story Have A Happy Ending?

There is so much on your mind right now — so many questions, so many concerns, so many emotions. You need to tell someone your story.

Tell us.

At the San Antonio law firm of Jamie Graham & Associates, PLLC, our attorneys want to hear your story. We really listen because we want to get to know you and your family. We want to understand your situation. Most important of all, we want to help you regain control of your story. We want to use our 30-plus years of combined family law experience to help you reach a positive outcome so your story can have a happy ending.

Here To Help With Any Family Law Matter

Our lawyers provide comprehensive family law representation.

We handle divorce and all related matters, including spousal support, property division and child custody. We represent all income levels and all types of individuals in divorce cases, including members of the military and their spouses, the LGBT community and senior citizens.

We represent parents in child custody cases of all kinds, including complex interstate and international child custody cases.

We represent parents in child support cases.

We assist with modifications and enforcement of conservatorship, child support, and possession and access orders.

We draft, review, and negotiate premarital and postmarital agreements.

We appeal family law decisions and other civil cases when there have been errors or other issues at trial.

We draft wills and provide estate planning services.

While we are always prepared for trial, we take pride in exploring every opportunity to reach amicable resolutions outside of court, particularly when children are involved. Our goal is not only to get the outcome that is right for you in your divorce or family law case, but to do so in the least stressful, most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.

Tell Us Your Story In A Free Consultation

We want you to know there is no risk involved in calling us. You are under enough pressure without getting more from an attorney, so we offer free, no-obligation consultations. This is your opportunity to tell us your story and let us provide some insight into the advocacy we can offer you. We want to help.

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