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Asset division big part of divorce process

People of all income levels stress out about money for one reason or another. This money-related stress may, unfortunately, lead to divorce, but money issues do not end once a person decides to dissolve a marriage. One common point of contention during this type of family law proceeding is the division of assets.

October Is National Domestic Violence Month Awareness Month

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Designating a month is intended to draw attention to domestic violence and its consequences. Throughout the U.S., almost 25% of women and 14% of men have been the victims of abuse by a partner or another person who lives or once lived in their home.

Divorce can impact one's financial health

Getting divorced can impact not only a person's emotional health but also his or her financial health. According to new research, this is especially true for those who are females of older ages. Research shows that nearly 20 percent of people in America, including Texas, are working past age 65 -- two times the rate witnessed during the early 1980s. Part of the reason why more older individuals are working today is because of divorce.

Is a Prenup the Right Decision for You?

In past eras the prenuptial agreement was associated with the wealthy but aging captain of industry who marries his secretary. But these days the prenuptial agreement (or prenup) can serve a broad range of needs for just about any couple. In two income families this can keep the marital arrangement on the straight and narrow. Perhaps there is a large inheritance or assets that the family wants to keep with the inheritor. Here in San Antonio there may need to be specific arrangements for a member of the military in regards to future obligations, although a prenup cannot determine child support.

How does the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act work?

A military family makes sacrifices that civilian families often do not have to. When it comes to military divorce, certain protections are in place by law for spouses of service members, depending on the number of years of marriage and service time.

Dealing with the marital home can be tricky during divorce

One of the biggest challenges Texas people face when getting divorced is how to deal with the marital home and the property that needs to be divided. This part of the process can be done in a cooperative and amicable way or can be a nightmare for both parties. A couple of tips may allow this part of the divorce proceeding to go more smoothly.

Address assets, retirement savings when drafting divorce order

The process of getting divorced naturally involves many emotions. However, it is essential that people not overlook critical aspects of their settlement agreements. A few tips may help people to effectively draft their divorce orders in the state of Texas.

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