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Understanding ancillary probate in Texas

Dividing and distributing property after a loved one’s death can be a stressful and complex undertaking. This is certainly true if the decedent owned extensive assets or failed to clearly establish a will. Either way, the estate may enter probate court, where representatives will be appointed to notify heirs, record an estate inventory, pay any debts and execute the appropriate property transference.

Estate planning when there are estrangement issues/no heirs

Many people in San Antonio believe that they must have good relationships with their loved ones or have children to benefit from estate planning. Instead of taking the time to write their wills and provide instructions as to how to handle their finances, health care and other important issues if they become incapacitated, they neglect them. You do not need to have a great relationship with your family members or have any children to enjoy the peace of mind and benefits that estate plans bring.

Parenting plans in a Texas divorce

If you have children, discussion of your respective responsibilities towards them will take center stage during your divorce. In Texas, a parenting plan sets forth the ways in which the divorcing spouses intend to handle major issues related to the children's wellbeing.

How to enforce child support payments with spouse in the military

If you have gone through divorce and your ex-husband in the military is not fulfilling child support obligations, you might be worried and frustrated. While child support is generally governed by Texas state law, the Military Service Relief Act contains specific rules for military members involved in divorce cases.

What you should know about divorce mediation in Texas

If you are about to embark upon the divorce process, you may hear suggestions of mediation. In most cases, mediation happens upon the parties' request. Sometimes, the court may order you to participate in mediation. Many courts encourage mediation and provide services to deal with a variety of matters.

How to have an amicable divorce

For many people in Texas, divorce is not always a quick and painless process. Some people are so bitter and angry about their situations that they resort to doing everything possible to draw out the process so they can upset and inconvenience their spouses. Although this may make them feel better in the short-term, it can lead to complications with the division of marital assets and child custody determinations, and cause more pain and suffering for everyone.

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