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Child custody disagreement can spark various emotions in children

Divorce is an emotional roller coaster that sparks varying emotions in those going through it. Even as parents in Texas struggle with anger and frustration when dealing with matters such as child custody, the children can also deal with anxiety and sadness. In some cases, the children try to hide their feelings, but their feelings will end up manifesting themselves in one way or another.

Child custody dispute can lead to stress for the children

A divorce proceeding in Texas can be as challenging for the children as it is for their parents. However, unfortunately, parents often become so consumed with their own divorce-related affairs that they neglect to address their children's concerns during this type of family law proceeding. A few tips may help parents to be more conscientious about their children's needs in a divorce proceeding involving child custody.

Successfully co-parenting in Texas

Texas is just one of many states moving away from one parent having full custody to shared parenting, or co-parenting. This is when both parents work together to raise the child, even though they are not still married. It is quite difficult to learn to co-parent, but it can be done when both parents are committed to improving their communication skills and doing what is best for the child. However, it is not for everyone. The Texas Attorney General's office has put together a great resource for parents who are divorcing that discusses co-parenting and parenting plans.

Successful co-parenting tips

Every divorce is different, and you cannot expect yours to mirror that of your friend's, neighbor's, sister's and so on. Some divorces can be done with minimal fighting and ample compromise, while others are far more acrimonious and troublesome in nature. Regardless of how difficult your divorce proves to be, you have a moral obligation to try and minimize the overall impact it will have on your child.

Child custody disputes often leave children feeling ignored

During divorce, it is easy for parents to become preoccupied with the emotional and financial aspects of the divorce to the point that the children feel ignored. In fact, even in child custody cases, parents are often focused so heavily on the cases themselves that they devote more time to the cases than to their children. A couple of tips may help parents in Texas to navigate the divorce process with their children.

Tips on maintaining a relationship with noncustodial children

When you are in the military on a deployment, it can be difficult to maintain a relationship with your children even if you are married to the child's other parent. When you are divorced, this compounds matters. Whether you are stationed overseas, in another state or just across town, here are some tips for staying in touch with your kids who cannot live you:

Child custody can be major source of conflict during divorce

A Texas divorce can be stressful for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest sources of stress in many proceedings is a child custody disagreement. Child custody battles can affect not only the parents involved but also the children at the center of the dispute.

Texas relocation laws for children after a divorce

It is not uncommon for a person to want or need to make a move. Following a divorce, if you are the custodial parent, you have to ensure that the other parent has access to the child, and there may be court orders that preclude you from moving out of the area. Relocation might be possible, but it greatly depends on your child custody arrangement established in your divorce.

Child custody does not have to be a source of conflict

When people think about divorce, they often immediately imagine themselves at war with their future exes. In addition to facing conflict regarding assets and property, they may be at odds on the matter of child custody. A few tips may help people to approach child custody as amicably as possible during the process of dissolving a marriage in Texas.

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