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Starting over financially may be tricky following divorce

Taking care of finances both during and after a divorce can be overwhelming and emotional. Even the most well-thought-out financial plans might seem complex during the period of transition following divorce. However, a few tips may help with achieving financial security in the years following a marital split-up in Texas.

Family business can complicate divorce

If a business is created during a marriage in Texas, it is considered community property. This is true even if just one of the spouses erected the business and has his or her name on the title. Like all other community property, a business created during the marriage must be divided during divorce.

Is your spouse hiding assets?

Property division often ranks among the top contentious issues in a divorce. Some people, afraid that they will lose assets they feel entitled to, begin hiding them. In other cases, spouses are shocked to discover their soon-to-be-ex has been keeping financial secrets for years before the divorce.

Postnuptial agreements can be helpful during divorce

When it comes to being cheated on in a marriage, an increasing number of spouses in the state of Texas and elsewhere are not taking any chances. They are using postnuptial agreements to protect their best interests. For instance, in these legal agreements, two spouses can agree that if one cheats on the other and they end up getting a divorce, the one who was cheated on has the right to get the marital home, the family car and a large percentage of their additional assets.

50 percent of marriages may not really end in divorce

The idea that 50 percent of marriages end up failing has been shared in the media for years. Researchers recently said this used to be a true statistic. However, the rate of divorce really appears to have been falling during the past decades in the state of Texas and elsewhere.

Specific strategies can help with dealing with divorce matters

The process of getting divorced can be both financially and emotionally tumultuous in the state of Texas. The parties going through divorce often find themselves consumed with trying to cope with the stress, anger, frustration, and disappointment that comes with dissolving a marriage. However, several legal matters are essential to address with as focused of a mind as possible, as they can have long-term repercussions following the finalizing of the divorce.

Divorce leads to important tax changes

During the transition from married life to single life, the changes can be overwhelming. Amid all of these changes during the divorce process, it can be easy to forget some critical yet subtle pieces to your financial puzzle -- taxes. A couple of important tax changes will take place after the divorce has been finalized in the state of Texas.

The basics of property division in Texas

It took hard work, time and sacrifice to obtain the property you own. You need it for the future. A few assets you own have sentimental value in addition to financial worth. It's no surprise that asset division is one of the top contested issues for divorcing couples in Texas.

Tackling financial matters can be complex during divorce

Although new beginnings can be exciting, they can also be intimidating, especially when they involve getting divorced. After the divorce papers have been filed, it can be confusing to determine what exactly needs to be done from a financial standpoint to navigate this type of family law proceeding. A couple of tips may help with tackling financial matters during a divorce proceeding in Texas.

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