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Electronic information may become relevant during divorce

Not that long ago a Texas resident had to have a face to face meeting with another person to say that they had met. Now, however, in the electronic age it is possible for individuals to have close friends, classmates and coworkers who they have never seen outside of electronic space. The electronic age of the Internet has closed distances that were once considered impossible to breach but has created a whole lot of data that is of questionable ownership.

Child custody does not have to be a source of conflict

When people think about divorce, they often immediately imagine themselves at war with their future exes. In addition to facing conflict regarding assets and property, they may be at odds on the matter of child custody. A few tips may help people to approach child custody as amicably as possible during the process of dissolving a marriage in Texas.

Helping children deal with two homes

If you are separating and divorcing from your spouse, your child may be learning to live in multiple places for the first time. The separation or divorce is likely confusing and troubling for your child or children, so you are probably doing everything in your power to ease the emotional strain and make the major life transition as stress-free as possible. Helping your child or children feel comfortable in both environments is one important method of doing so, so here are some helpful tips to get you started.

We are available to help with your unique family law needs

It may seem to the outsider that one divorce is just like the next. While the process of divorce, which includes the dissolution of the legal relationship between two married people, can follow a similar outline, the decisions and outcomes that are relevant to each can vary greatly. For Bexar residents who anticipate filing for divorce in the future, it is important that they consider the unique aspects of their cases with attorneys who will not treat their legal dilemmas as a "one size fits all" scenarios.

Divorce can be challenging during holidays for parents

The holiday period in Texas can be stressful for all types of families. Thanksgiving and Christmas can be particularly harrowing for parents who are in the midst of divorce proceedings. Some tips might help reduce anxieties during this year's holidays and beyond.

Divorce expected to rise after holidays

Irreconcilable differences in a marriage can bubble over at any time of the year. However, it is particularly common for people in Texas to pursue divorce directly after the New Year's holiday. Many times, people who are contemplating divorce start inquiring about the process during the months of November and December before moving forward with the process in January.

Child custody issues can spark stress during divorce

Parental divorce can be a huge stressor for children in Texas. If there is friction about how to handle matters related to child custody, the stress may be greater. According to new research, however, pediatricians can play a significant role in empowering children to deal with divorce.

Optional custody arrangements for the holidays

Deciding what to do when it comes to the holiday season can be difficult for everyone, but especially for those going through a divorce. A time meant to be filled with joy and happiness can often be tainted with sadness as parents and children learn to find a new normal and adjust time-honored traditions. One of the most important things to remember during a divorce is that planning ahead can eliminate much of the stress in an already tense situation. Consult with an attorney or seek the help of a mediator to assist you and your ex as you plan how to spend the holiday season. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, there are several different ways to divide the days.

How to talk to your kids about divorce

Divorce is a painful subject for adults, but can be even more difficult for kids, especially if they are too young to understand why their parents are no longer going to be living together. While there is no way to completely eliminate the pain, there are couples who have made the change livable and allowed their children to have positive feelings about the topic. Here are some tips on how to keep your family united after your marriage dissolves.

Modifications may be necessary following military divorce

Sometimes a marriage does not work out and divorce is inevitable. The process of dissolving a marriage is multifaceted and can seem overwhelming, but this is especially true for those going through a military divorce in Texas. Even after the divorce has been finalized, some areas, such as child custody arrangements, may still need to be addressed if circumstances change in a substantial way.


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