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Tackling financial matters can be complex during divorce

Although new beginnings can be exciting, they can also be intimidating, especially when they involve getting divorced. After the divorce papers have been filed, it can be confusing to determine what exactly needs to be done from a financial standpoint to navigate this type of family law proceeding. A couple of tips may help with tackling financial matters during a divorce proceeding in Texas.

Understanding the criteria for modifying child support in Texas

Child support is an integral part of a divorce agreement in Texas. It is also important if a couple was not married but shares a child. It is not in dispute that children must be adequately cared for, but there is often a disagreement as to how much a supporting parent pays and what the custodial parent receives. In some instances, there is a need for the agreement to be modified. There are certain points that must be remembered when seeking a modification.

What is considered when spousal support is awarded in Texas?

A common source for discord in a Texas divorce is whether spousal support will be awarded or not and how much it will be. Those who are concerned about the family law issues related to paying or receiving spousal support should be aware of the factors that go into its determination. This is a frequent reason for dispute and should be completely understood from the time the decision is made to file for divorce.

Neglecting discovery and children can be harmful during divorce

It is not common for divorcing spouses to want to get through the process as quickly as possible so that they can move on with their lives. After all, getting divorced is challenging both emotionally and financially. However, rushing through a divorce proceeding in the state of Texas can have negative consequences in the long run.

Under what circumstances will child support be ordered in Texas?

There are often a great number of questions that Texans will have about family legal issues related to child support, but the most basic one that is frequently misunderstood is when the court will order that it be paid in the first place. There are certain circumstances under which the court can order child support to be paid. Whether there is a dispute regarding child support or not, it is important to understand this foundational aspect of the law.

Putting children first important in divorce

Getting through the dissolution of a marriage can be challenging for adults for both financial and emotional reasons, but it can also be emotionally difficult for children. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the parents to fight over the children when addressing matters such as child custody and visitation. Thinking of the children first is essential during a Texas divorce proceeding when any kids ar involved.

Successfully co-parenting in Texas

Texas is just one of many states moving away from one parent having full custody to shared parenting, or co-parenting. This is when both parents work together to raise the child, even though they are not still married. It is quite difficult to learn to co-parent, but it can be done when both parents are committed to improving their communication skills and doing what is best for the child. However, it is not for everyone. The Texas Attorney General's office has put together a great resource for parents who are divorcing that discusses co-parenting and parenting plans.

Successful co-parenting tips

Every divorce is different, and you cannot expect yours to mirror that of your friend's, neighbor's, sister's and so on. Some divorces can be done with minimal fighting and ample compromise, while others are far more acrimonious and troublesome in nature. Regardless of how difficult your divorce proves to be, you have a moral obligation to try and minimize the overall impact it will have on your child.

How long must spousal support be paid in Texas?

Texas couples who decide to end their marriage and move forward with a divorce will have a great deal of family legal issues to consider as the process moves forward. One that is frequently in dispute is spousal support, alternatively known as alimony or maintenance. There are several subsets to maintenance that the spouses must understand. One important factor is the duration of the order. Knowing how long one spouse will pay and the other spouse will receive support can allow them to prepare accordingly.

Child custody disputes often leave children feeling ignored

During divorce, it is easy for parents to become preoccupied with the emotional and financial aspects of the divorce to the point that the children feel ignored. In fact, even in child custody cases, parents are often focused so heavily on the cases themselves that they devote more time to the cases than to their children. A couple of tips may help parents in Texas to navigate the divorce process with their children.

Divorce poses special problems for women

Marriage is a partnership from both an emotional and an economic standpoint. When this type of partnership ends up dissolving in the state of Texas or elsewhere, the financial lives must become untangled, all while both parties emotional lives are likely in turmoil. As a result, it is often easy to make poor financial decisions during divorce proceedings.

Modifying child support in Texas

If you reside in Texas and have an existing child support arrangement, there may come a time when you need to alter or update that arrangement. If so, there are certain circumstances under which this can be done, and there are also certain methods that must be used in doing so.

We are advocates for grandparents' rights

Grandparents can play an incredibly important role in a young child's upbringing. When a child lives in an unstable home or when the child loses contact with one side of their family due to divorce or the death of a parent, grandparents can help fill the void of what is missing in the youth's existence. In Texas, grandparents have the right to pursue visitation with their grandchildren so that they may maintain those important bonds.


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