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High-profile child custody case centers on embryos

Many Texas residents are familiar with actress Sophia Vergara, one of the stars of the hit show Modern Family. Vergara is one of the highest-paid actresses on television, but she's making recent headlines over her ongoing child custody battle centered on two frozen embryos. She and her former partner have been fighting over control of the embryos since they split in 2014. 

Grandparents often a child custody option during opioid crisis

Because of the opioid crisis in America, grandparents are being called to the forefront to take care of children when parents fall prey to addiction or succumb to overdoses. Studies show that the number of grandparents raising children is fast approaching 100,000 across the country. In Texas and other states, child custody is often given to grandparents or other family members when parents cannot care for their kids.

Pros and cons of latest child custody arrangement: Bird nesting

Bird nesting is a living arrangement that is gaining popularity among couples with children, and who have gotten divorced in Texas and elsewhere around the country. Simply put, the couple maintains a single home in which the children live, while the parents alternate who stays with them. A new sitcom called "Splitting Up Together," airing on national television, shines a comedic light on this unconventional child custody arrangement. However, before immediately agreeing to bird nesting, experts have highlighted some potential positive and negative aspects of the situation for couples to consider.

Shared parenting is often optimal solution for child custody

When a couple from Texas or anywhere around the nation decides to end their marriage, the parties involved are faced with many decisions. While many of these decisions are rooted in financial matters, child custody issues quickly become the major focus in the deliberations if the couple has children together. Many family experts are advocating a move away from the traditional custody arrangements and are more often suggesting shared parenting arrangements.

Child custody: How the end of a marriage might affect the kids

When a married couple decides to take separate paths in life, they may face a variety of difficult decisions, each of which could have an impact on their future. When children are involved, parents in Texas and elsewhere may wish to safeguard their kids by seeking an acceptable child custody agreement. While looking to their future might be important, parents may also find it essential to consider how the process of divorce could affect their kids, and they must determine how best to address any issues they experience.

Shared parenting recommended in child custody decisions

Going through a divorce in Texas or anywhere around the nation can be a trying process, particularly when there are children involved. Decisions about child custody can create a highly emotional atmosphere. While parents want what's best for their children, contentious divorce proceedings may affect the outcome.

Child custody issues: Tips for co-parenting after divorce

When a marriage ends in Texas or anywhere throughout the country, most individuals don't expect to maintain ongoing communications with an ex-spouse. However, such communications are necessary when child custody is part of the equation.  Advisors have stressed the importance of co-parenting following a divorce. While this situation is ultimately the best scenario for the children, it can present some challenges for the former partners.  Relationship experts have offered several guidelines for creating effective co-parenting.

Child custody disagreement can spark various emotions in children

Divorce is an emotional roller coaster that sparks varying emotions in those going through it. Even as parents in Texas struggle with anger and frustration when dealing with matters such as child custody, the children can also deal with anxiety and sadness. In some cases, the children try to hide their feelings, but their feelings will end up manifesting themselves in one way or another.

Child custody dispute can lead to stress for the children

A divorce proceeding in Texas can be as challenging for the children as it is for their parents. However, unfortunately, parents often become so consumed with their own divorce-related affairs that they neglect to address their children's concerns during this type of family law proceeding. A few tips may help parents to be more conscientious about their children's needs in a divorce proceeding involving child custody.


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