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How divorce after age 50 may affect finances

Planning for retirement is a task undertaken by many Texas residents and others around the country. Years and years are spent considering one's financial needs when the decision is made to leave the workforce after many years. Married couples certainly make these plans and decisions together. However, when a couple decides to divorce, retirement plans can potentially be thrown for a loop.

Pet custody often a contentious topic in a divorce

When a marriage comes to an end, there are countless issues a Texas couple or others around the nation must address. Obviously, if a couple has children, the question of custody is paramount in the deliberations. However, family law experts are beginning to see an increase in a different type of custody battle during a divorce. Couples are now becoming much more vocal about how custody of their pets will be handled.

Social Security spousal benefits and divorce

When a marriage comes to an end for Texas couples or others around the nation, there are many financial issues to consider. Spousal or child support, deciding who keeps the family home and other property division questions are just a few of the topics that must be addressed during a divorce. However, depending on their age, couples may not immediately think of how Social Security retirement benefits will be handled. Yet, this subject is an important one, particularly as one or both ex-spouses near retirement age.

New law changes how alimony is taxed in divorce

Since 1942, the tax law has included a deduction for alimony payments for Texas residents and others around the country. A new tax law has recently gone into effect that changes the provisions set forth over 75 years ago. Marital law experts anticipate that the changes may prompt a flurry of people to seek a divorce in 2018.

Which cities, states have the highest divorce rates?

Marriages in Texas or anywhere across the country may end due to a variety of reasons. Couples cite financial problems, stress and infidelity as common reasons for seeking a divorce. In addition, some couples believe that one or both spouses have experienced personal changes during the marriage. Whatever the cause of divorce, experts agree that the process can potentially be difficult for the families involved. Consideration for any children in the families should be given to alleviate their stress about the divorce.

Divorce among farming couples brings unique challenges

There are thousands of family farms in Texas, spanning millions of acres across the state. Up until the crisis in the farming industry in the 1980s, the divorce rate among couples that farmed was less than the national average. Following the crisis, the rate of divorce among farming couples rose to equal the rate of other couples throughout the country.

Prenups may prove helpful during the divorce process

When a couple decides to end a marriage in Texas or anywhere around the country, there are many issues to address during the process. Questions surrounding property division are often paramount in the discussions. However, marital experts suggest that having a prenuptial agreement in place can be an immense help when going through a divorce.

Look for positive financial changes in a divorce

Now that the holiday season is over, many Texas residents and others around the country are settling back into their normal routines. Statistics show that January typically sees an uptick in the number of filings for divorce. So, life for those who have recently gotten a divorce or are considering a split may seem anything but normal. However, experts point to some possible financial benefits that can occur during the divorce process.

Prenuptial agreements can be helpful should divorce occur

Couples in Texas and throughout the United States don't often think about the need for a prenuptial agreement as they are making their wedding plans. They may believe that discussing such a document prior to their marriage signals the assumption that they will get a divorce one day. However, many experts contend that this is the ideal time for couples to share their feelings and expectations regarding a variety of issues surrounding their relationships.


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