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License suspensions in Texas for failure to pay child support

Texans who are obligated to pay child support must make those payments on time and in full. If they do not, the state has various enforcement tactics to penalize parents who are not doing so. A recent post discussed one relatively new strategy in which those behind on their child support payments will not be allowed to register their cars. It has proven to be an effective tactic. However, there are other methods that the state can use to punish parents. One is the suspension of a license. This encompasses many licenses and is not limited to driver's licenses.

Jail is a possibility for failing to pay child support

There is no doubt that a child support dispute is problematic. A common concern among supporting parents in Texas is whether their failure to pay child support will send them to jail. The state has several penalties that it will assess for parents who fail to pay child support and jail is one of them. While it is preferable for parents to pay for their child support or to settle these important family law issues another way, jail is a possibility if the circumstances warrant it.

Legal help is essential in international child custody situations

During a child custody dispute, Texans need to be aware of their rights. These situations can be made more complex when the case goes beyond Texas and U.S. borders and evolves into an international child custody dispute. Since there are many people who become involved in a relationship or marry a person from another country, it is an unfortunate reality that international custody disputes and family legal issues are becoming more common. The laws of Texas and the laws of the country from which the other parent is from will be essential to settling the matter.

Texas tactic to collect delinquent child support proves effective

It has long been a difficult matter in Texas to collect delinquent child support. A dispute about this issue not only causes damage to the parents, but the child as well. In trying to collect delinquent payments, the state uses various strategies with a range of results. One new tactic that is being used is to refuse to allow those who are behind on their child support to renew their vehicle registrations. It is proving to be highly effective.

How does family law deal with minor parents?

In Texas, not all parents are legal adults themselves. Still, they are subject to the state's body of family law, and may have disputes involving child support, child custody and other issues. Understanding how the law handles minor parents is key when these circumstances arise.

When can a grandparent seek custody and visitation in Texas?

It can be a difficult situation when a family breaks apart and custody issues come to the forefront. Of greater complication is when a grandparent seeks have custody or visitation of a child. While grandparents are an integral part of a child's life, there are certain conditions that must be in place for this to be ordered under Texas law. Like most family law issues, this can be complex and it is useful to have legal assistance from an attorney when considering moving forward with a case.

Understanding the criteria for modifying child support in Texas

Child support is an integral part of a divorce agreement in Texas. It is also important if a couple was not married but shares a child. It is not in dispute that children must be adequately cared for, but there is often a disagreement as to how much a supporting parent pays and what the custodial parent receives. In some instances, there is a need for the agreement to be modified. There are certain points that must be remembered when seeking a modification.

What is considered when spousal support is awarded in Texas?

A common source for discord in a Texas divorce is whether spousal support will be awarded or not and how much it will be. Those who are concerned about the family law issues related to paying or receiving spousal support should be aware of the factors that go into its determination. This is a frequent reason for dispute and should be completely understood from the time the decision is made to file for divorce.

Under what circumstances will child support be ordered in Texas?

There are often a great number of questions that Texans will have about family legal issues related to child support, but the most basic one that is frequently misunderstood is when the court will order that it be paid in the first place. There are certain circumstances under which the court can order child support to be paid. Whether there is a dispute regarding child support or not, it is important to understand this foundational aspect of the law.

How long must spousal support be paid in Texas?

Texas couples who decide to end their marriage and move forward with a divorce will have a great deal of family legal issues to consider as the process moves forward. One that is frequently in dispute is spousal support, alternatively known as alimony or maintenance. There are several subsets to maintenance that the spouses must understand. One important factor is the duration of the order. Knowing how long one spouse will pay and the other spouse will receive support can allow them to prepare accordingly.


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