Divorce Is A Turning Point

Divorce is a turning point in your life. It frequently comes with challenging decisions, conflicting emotions, difficult transitions, and significant economic and lifestyle changes.

Divorce may also be your first experience with the legal system. It is a complex process with unfamiliar terms that can add to the overall stress of the experience. A trusted attorney can not only educate you about the law and your legal options, but also provide the guidance you need to make certain your life goes in the right direction at this critical turning point.

At the San Antonio law firm of Jamie Graham & Associates, PLLC, we have more than 30 years of combined experience handling divorce, child custody and child support, alimony, and division of property cases. We will be your advocates at this turning point in your life.

No-Fault And Fault-Based Divorce

In Texas, most divorces are filed on the ground of insupportability — a fancy way of saying no fault. That doesn't mean both spouses were perfect or no one is to blame — it just means you don't have to prove to the court a specific reason or ground for why you are entitled to a divorce. It means there is discord or personality conflicts to such a degree that there is no longer any benefit from being married, and there is no reasonable expectation of reconciliation. If a couple has lived apart for at least three years, this can also serve as no-fault grounds for divorce.

In contrast, fault-based divorce requires providing the court with evidence of cruelty, adultery, felony conviction, abandonment or mental hospital confinement before it will grant your divorce.

Determining grounds is a matter of strategy and can impact all facets of the divorce. Evidence will be necessary if a fault-based divorce is pursued. Our family law lawyers will review your situation to help you determine on what grounds to file your divorce.

Committed To Results In All Types Of Divorce Cases

You want results. In some cases, that may require trial. In reality, however, very few cases are resolved that way. Most cases are resolved out of court through formal or informal settlement processes. While our law firm prides itself on trial-savvy attorneys who are comfortable in the courtroom, we encourage settlement when appropriate and will guide you down that path if such a strategy makes sense for your case.

Divorces are as diverse as the lifestyles people live. We handle valuing and dividing family businesses, LGBT divorce issues, retirement issues involved in gray divorce and the unique challenges of divorce involving service members. We also help our clients navigate the complexities of high-asset divorce.

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