Raising A Child Is Expensive

Everyone agrees that raising a child is expensive. Child support is designed to make certain both parents contribute financially to a child’s upbringing. In Texas, there are child support guidelines in place that leave little room for dispute over the amount of child support payments, as long as they are followed correctly.


Child support guidelines require that a variety of factors be considered. Of course, a parent’s income is a primary factor. The nature of child custody arrangements also plays a role. On the surface, the process of calculating child support seems simple: Just follow the guidelines, input the correct numbers and get a payment amount. However, a formula is effective only if the numbers entered are accurate. That is why it is important to have a trusted lawyer assist with the calculation to make certain nothing is overlooked.

At Graham Family Law in San Antonio, we understand which sources of income should be considered (and which should not) when calculating child support payments.

In some cases, one parent may attempt to hide income. It is also possible that income is simply overlooked. When one parent owns a business and the income is tied to that, getting an accurate number may be more complex. Our attorneys understand how to deal with these situations.

The child support guidelines are not appropriate for all situations. If one or both spouses have a high income or if the child has special needs, there may be reason to deviate from the guidelines to get an outcome that is truly fair for the child. We know when deviation is appropriate.

With over 100 years of combined family law experience, we handle divorce and paternity cases involving child support payments. We can assist with modification and enforcement as well.


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