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At the San Antonio law firm of Jamie Graham & Associates, PLLC, we have extensive experience in military divorce law and know that appearing before the judge in family court can be stressful. Among the important things to consider are, “What should I wear?” or “What do I say to the judge?”

To ease your anxiety and help you make the best impression possible, please review the information below before your court appearance.


You have one chance to make a good impression on the judge, and your attire will determine that impression. Casual dress does not show respect for the court. Choose clothing that is modest, dignified and in good taste. Here are some guidelines:


  1. A dark suit is preferred. If you do not have a suit, wear dress pants, a white shirt, and a tie. At a minimum, you should dress in “business casual” with a nice shirt and slacks. Do not wear jeans.
  2. Wear dress shoes. Never wear athletic shoes in the courtroom.
  3. Do not wear a hat or sunglasses.
  4. Do not wear strong cologne.
  5. Keep your hair neatly groomed. If you have long hair, tie it back.
  6. Only wear one ring (wedding band) and a watch. No other jewelry.


  1. Wear a nice dress, a business suit, or a blouse and a skirt. The skirt should be no more than two inches above the knee
  2. Wear panty hose or tights.
  3. Wear dress shoes or low heels. Do not wear sandals.
  4. Do not wear strong perfume.
  5. Keep your hair neatly groomed.
  6. Do not wear any nail polish beyond a clear coat or a French manicure.
  7. Only wear one ring (wedding band), earrings and a watch. No other jewelry.


Remember to show respect for the court at all times. Here are some guidelines:

  • Be on time to court. Better yet, be early.
  • Turn your cellphone off or set it to vibrate before entering the courtroom. Do not text or talk on your phone in court.
  • Do not bring books or magazines to read.
  • Do not chew gum.
  • When sitting in court, sit up straight and look attentive at all times. Do not slouch or rest your elbows on the table.
  • Do not talk during court proceedings. If you are asked to speak, speak English as correctly as you are able. Do not use slang or curse words.
  • Address everyone in court, including lawyers, witnesses and court personnel, by their titles and last names only.
  • Remain in the courtroom until you are excused. Both parties and attorneys must remain in attendance during jury deliberations.
  • When the court requests items for the judge’s examination, hand the items to the clerk of the court, not to the judge or the court reporter.
  • Stand when the judge or jury enters and leaves the courtroom.
  • Do not make any side remarks.


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