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Altah Bailey

I highly recommend Rob Biggers – he worked tirelessly on my custody case and went the extra mile when it came to any unforseen issues. He knows the law and has integrity; that’s something I didn’t find in other attorneys. He answered all of my questions and laid out the reasoning behind the answers which made me feel confident in making decisions that were extremely important to my family. In the end, he did everything it took to reach the best possible outcome for us.

Ebony Harris

Rob Biggers is amazing, intelligent, knows the law like the back of his hand, and will fight for you!!He worked on my case, explained my options and offered everything he possibly could in order for me to get what I needed. Money was not wasted here at all, I HIGHLY recommend this individual…just amazing no words can explain…I’m stress free all because of his time and effort he put into my case. Will be using him in the future if need be.

Linet Shields

Tracy and Lisa make an Awesome Team! They handled everything in a professional and caring manner. Tracy always made me see the positive side of things. She listened to me, and answered all the questions I had, which helped me to remain calm throughout the process. Communication was great despite the fact that I live in a different state, because Tracy and Lisa were only a phone call or email away. They always responded to my emails and calls in a prompt manner. I am extremely grateful for all their help!

Erika Slayton

Tracy and Lisa were an amazing team. They helped me with my case quickly and did not waste time or money. Tracy gave me great advice and took time with me to explain my situation and options. Lisa is very efficient and super helpful and responsive. Both Tracy and Lisa were accessible, and returned calls/emails in a timely manner. This is a far different experience I have had with other attorneys. You are making a fabulous choice by choosing this firm!

Ali English

I had the good fortune of having Rob Biggers on my side when I went thru my divorce and custody arrangement. Rob was great at preparing me for speaking in court. He highlighted the important details, was quick to correct inaccuracies from opposing counsel, and a smart strategist. Rob is a fighter, he keeps it professional, and overall his court presence will leave you feeling confident. Thanks Rob!!

Mario Gonzales

I hired Mr. Rob Biggers early 2023 for a custody battle. I believe he did all he had to do with my case and had an outstanding outcome. Communication was great and timely mannered. Would receive courteous calls before court to inform me what to expect. All in all I am very satisfied with Mr. Biggers representation. I would highly recommend.

tamara rutledge

Recommend this law group as a woman leaving a difficult marriage who needed protection right away. Jamie Graham has listened to all my fears and needs and responded right away with assurance, empathy, and resolve. Rob Biggers took my case on mid way and has been dedicated above and beyond and explains every option with integrity, lists every penal code associated, and handles the courtroom with great professionalism and protection to his clients. Recommend them both if you are in need of protection, dedication, and understanding of what’s best for you and your children and the end goal of moving on with your life with the tools necessary.

Mikaela Smith

I am extremely pleased with the Jamie Graham and Associates team, especially Crystal Bannin. Her professionalism, attention to detail, communication, and empathy in and out of the courtroom have my highest recommendation to anyone in need of or looking for an attorney. During difficult times, this teams perseverance and dedication to the practice of law will give you the reassurance needed in fighting for equality and justice. I cannot speak highly enough of Crystal Bannin and the team at the Jamie Graham and Associates law firm.

Rosana Cabrera

Going through a life changing event such as a divorce is never easy, especially when you are at odds with your soon to be ex. Rob Biggers and Lisa Salinas not only made this trying time less stressful, they made it look like a walk in the park! His professionalism showed through even when he was talking to my now ex-husband, even when my ex-husband wasn’t willing to work with us. I highly recommend him should you find yourself needed a family attorney for any reason! He gets the job done effectively and quickly.

Mariah Garten

I have been a client of Crystal Bannin for over 10 years. She is nothing but professional. From divorce to child custody she is very proficient in her work and made herself available with any question or concern I may have had about my case. The employees at Graham Family Law were always up to speed with my case and got all documents needed in a timely manner. I recommend this business to anyone who needs an experienced, competent, qualified law firm.

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