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Tips on maintaining a relationship with noncustodial children

When you are in the military on a deployment, it can be difficult to maintain a relationship with your children even if you are married to the child's other parent. When you are divorced, this compounds matters. Whether you are stationed overseas, in another state or just across town, here are some tips for staying in touch with your kids who cannot live you:

Child support can be modified after child's needs change

Most Texas parents want the best for their kids and are willing to work hard to ensure that their children grow up knowing that they are important. Even when a parent and child no longer share a home due to a divorce or other child custody-related matter, a noncustodial parent can take important steps toward providing for her child through child support payments. Child support can be mandated by a court order or parents may come up with child support agreements and have those approved by the courts.One of the guiding principles behind establishing a child support schedule is the financial need of a child.

Understanding grandparents' rights to grandchild visitation

Texas courts will consider the best interests of the children in all family law cases, including those where the grandparent or grandparents of the children are seeking to spend more time with the youths. If a petition to change custody, modify visitation, restructure support or any other matter is brought before the court and involves kids, the court will seek to protect the interests of the minors. As the facts of every case can be different, readers are asked to speak with their own family law attorneys about their legal questions and should rely on the general information contained in this post as legal advice.

Child custody can be major source of conflict during divorce

A Texas divorce can be stressful for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest sources of stress in many proceedings is a child custody disagreement. Child custody battles can affect not only the parents involved but also the children at the center of the dispute.

Special divorce considerations for people in their 60s

Perhaps you never saw yourself divorcing, or you have been biding your time until your youngest is finished with college. Whatever the case is, you are in your 60s and divorcing after a decades-long marriage. There are a few things you may have to deal with that your younger counterparts do not.

Texas relocation laws for children after a divorce

It is not uncommon for a person to want or need to make a move. Following a divorce, if you are the custodial parent, you have to ensure that the other parent has access to the child, and there may be court orders that preclude you from moving out of the area. Relocation might be possible, but it greatly depends on your child custody arrangement established in your divorce.

Can my wife divorce me if I break the law?

A Texas divorce may be based on a number of fault grounds, including one's conviction of a felony. In order for the divorce to be approved on this basis the convicted individual must be imprisoned in a state or federal penitentiary for at least one year and must not have received a pardon for his crime A divorce will not be granted against a person whose spouse gave testimony against him at his criminal trial.

Divorce mediation may help couples

When a couple has irreconcilable differences and getting divorced is unavoidable, the two individuals may find it difficult to think rationally about how to approach matters such as asset division. Another point of contention in the state of Texas may be how to handle child custody. Fortunately, the process of divorce mediation may help both parties to find common ground in these areas.

Child custody issues for unmarried parents

The birth of a child to a married Bexar couple rarely raises questions about who may legitimately claim custody of the newborn. Though unique and personal situations may arise, many custody and visitation issues pop up when new parents are not married or do not execute a formal document that acknowledges that the man is the biological father of the child. If a mother does not acknowledge the father of her child when the child is born it can be difficult for that man to later enforce his child custody and visitation rights.

New Year's resolutions may help those going through divorce

Getting divorced can be one of the most stressful experiences of a person's life in Texas. After all, divorce is an emotional process that has far-reaching financial implications. After divorce, a person's life will not return to what he or she previously considered to be normal. However, making a few New Year's resolutions and trying to keep them may give the person the motivation to make the most of his or her new normal.


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