A Father’s Rights in a Texas Divorce


Can a Father Get Custody? What Are the Rights of a Non-Custodial Father?

Fathers’ rights have come a long way over the last half century. Just a few decades ago, it was almost a given that the mother would get custody of any minor children of divorce and that the father, at best, would have the opportunity to see his children every other weekend and on alternating holidays.

The Changing Landscape of Fathers’ Rights in Texas

Though fathers are not yet on equal footing with mothers when it comes to physical custody, the trend, over the past 50 years, has been to grant more fathers custody, or what Texas calls “managing conservatorship.” A study by the Pew Research Center found that in 1960, just one percent of households with minor children were headed by a single father. By 2013, that number had increased to approximately 8%. Researchers attribute the dramatic increase to the higher divorce rates after 1960, as well as social perceptions that favored equality among the sexes.

Fathers’ Rights in Texas—An Overview

Under the Texas Family  Code, both fathers and mothers have rights and duties, but none are reserved exclusively for either parent. In an ideal situation, the parents will come to agreement regarding custody and visitation, basing such a decision on the best interests of any minor children. If, however, the parents cannot agree, both have rights to:

  • Participate in determining the primary residence of the child
  • Have primary physical possession (custody) of the child
  • Be involved in decision-making about the child’s health, education, religious training, extracurricular activities and general welfare


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