Why People Stay in a Bad Marriage


One of the most common reasons that couples remain in a bad marriage is the falsely perceived notion that divorce will be cumbersome or more painful than the pain of staying in the marriage itself. Maintaining a happy, thriving marriage is not easy. In some cases, the couple simply needs some counseling or a marriage course to rekindle the fire. In other cases the marriage does not have a remedy and divorce should be filed. Our attorneys have extensive experience helping clients determine the best path forward. Contact our divorce and family law firm to learn how we can help you understand your options to get through a difficult time in your marriage.

Signs That Your Marriage Should End

There are certain signs that divorce attorneys see time and again in a failing marriage. The following signs may not necessarily mean that the marriage is over, but serious action should be taken, either towards marriage counseling, separation or divorce.

  • Infidelity
  • Abuse
  • Continually thinking about separation
  • Sight of your spouse causes negative reaction
  • Not communicating more than basic needs
  • Intimacy is nonexistent
  • Arguing constantly
  • You are not yourself anymore

What If You Are Experiencing Violence And Or Abuse

If you are facing domestic violence charges, it is imperative that you seek police assistance and that you have a knowledgeable attorney working on your behalf. In other cases, such as a lack of communication or sex life, securing the advice of an attorney is your first order of business towards a happier, healthier life. Contact the award winning attorneys at Jamie Graham and Associates, PLLC in San Antonio, TX to discuss how we can assist.

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