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The fathers rights movement is a social and civil rights movement seeking to establish equal parenting rights for fathers. During the era when fathers were providers and mothers were homemakers, U.S. courts historically favored mothers in custody matters, awarding mothers custody of children rather than fathers.Increasingly with most families, both parents hold jobs, and consequently, custody laws in states nationwide have changed. Today, Texas courts must uphold the public policy established under the Texas Family Code, which assures that children have frequent and continuing contact with parents who have shown the ability to act in the best interest of the child. Courts encourage both parents to share in the rights and duties of raising their child. Fathers rights generally refer to equal rights for custody, visitation and child support.

Fathers’ Rights Challenges For Military Service Members

Life in the military is difficult for families in general due to frequent moves, deployment, reintegration after deployment and post-war readjustment.Military fathers’ rights are often complicated due to jurisdictional issues and factors involved with deployment. Many servicemembers are deployed to active duty for extended periods of time. Unless the situation allows the family to move with the servicemember for a Permanent Change of Station (PCS), there will be separation. Furthermore, deployment can last for more than six months at a time. It may be difficult for a father to obtain custody when he cannot be present because of deployment and when a lack of stable presence is adversely affecting a child’s development.Other challenges fathers often face, whether military or civilian, are the courts’ unwillingness to give the same degree of access to a child who is under the age of three. The courts favor the primary conservator and often continuing and frequent contact with both biological parents becomes an issue.Despite the challenges, experienced military divorce lawyers can often help you overcome the obstacles involved with parenting. At Jamie Graham Associates, our attorneys work with you closely to understand and devise legal strategies that protect legal your rights.

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